The Amazing Spider-Island by Phil Jimenez


The Amazing Spider-Island by Phil Jimenez

Jackpot is simply the nickname shared by two popular fictional heroes, Sara Ehrt and Alana Jepsen, appearing in numerous American comic book series, usually in tales based on Spider-Man, commonly in issues involving in Spider-Island. Created by writer Phil Jimenez and artist Dan Slott, Jackpot’s initial appearance was in the Spider-Man: The Ultimate Collection, released in May 2020 and revolving around a storyline focusing on the wall-crawler’s fight against villains called “The Jackal”. The series continued through issue #11, with the hero being portrayed as having gained more strength, endurance, agility and skill in each of his previous encounters.

In the modern time, after the events of the initial series were revived and the wall-crawler was introduced to the mainstream audiences, the series became a very popular one. One of the most interesting aspects of the Jackpot series is that it features the hero battling against his former mentor, the Green Goblin. The character is very often compared with the iconic super-villain, whom he first came into contact with during his teenage years.

The Jackpot was also featured in several Spider-Island issue, including “Spider-Island” which featured the hero facing off against Electro. However, the most recent issue of the series is “Web Part 1”. This issue is centered on the Spider-Island itself, as the titular character seeks to save his hometown from the villainous Dr. Curt Connors. In the course of this storyline, he also faces the threat of the Black Cat, a foe who can turn into a deadly, long-range sniper.

Web Part 1, in particular, provides an insight into the mind of the character. The hero is confronted by a variety of new enemies, some of them seemingly impossible to defeat, as they possess the ability to do various things. For example, one of his new enemies, the Jackal, is capable of turning into a huge, purple boar-like animal, capable of swallowing his opponents whole. Web Part 1 also introduces a new villain, named the Sinister Six, who are responsible for killing Sara Ehrt’s parents.

Jackpot was also featured in several Web Part 2 issues, which dealt with Spider-Island itself. In the second issue, the hero faces off against Doctor Curt Connors once again, this time in a battle which includes the Spider-Carnage, an extremely powerful villain who can control a massive number of spider-like creatures. The Jackal makes his return to face the wall-crawler in this issue as well, but this time he transforms himself into a more human form and is not able to turn into a boar.

In the end, Web Part 1 and Web Part 2 serve as important beginning to the major story arcs of Spider-Island, including the series’ third storyline, “The Sinister Six”. These two series serve as excellent examples of how well Spider-Island’s creators, Phil Jimenez and Dan Slott, know what makes their heroes tick.